02173001LED SMART LS-T-3WA


 Rated  power :3W(Can be customized according to customer)
Product Size:Φ85mm(Hole size:Φ70-75mm)


LED ceiling light is a high-class and contemporary adornment lamp, it is suitable for store supermarket hotel , jewelry counter and high-grade household. Led ceiling light can be embedded in the ceiling installation, or add mounting bracket or rail as a nonopaque lamp or shoot light for using.This light has simple appearance, good light effect , furthermore, it also has Characteristics of long life ,saving energy ,efficient environmental protection.

• Material: Car Aluminum
• Rated Power: 3W(Can be customized according to customer)
• Input voltage: AC85-265V  50-60Hz
• Size:Φ85mm(Hole size:Φ70-75mm)